Solomon Burke

Debut Album + If You Need me (600893)

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Debut Album + If You Need me

Solomon Burke

Soul Jam


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2 LPs ON 1 CD


This essential release includes two of Burke’s finest long plays from the early Sixties in their entireties: his underrated and eponymous debut album, Solomon Burke, and the equally splendid If You Need Me. These two LPs are widely regarded as landmarks of early-’60s soul. Both masterpieces have been remastered and packaged together in this very special release, which also includes 6 bonus tracks from the same period. These seminal recordings also feature a virtual who’s who of fabulous musicians, including King Curtis, Hank Jones, Al Caiola, Mickey Baker, and The Ray Charles Singers, among others. This is the material upon which Solomon Burke’s legend was built. It is enduring music and the epitome of southern soul up north.


SOLOMON BURKE, lead vocals, plus:

King Curtis, Jesse Powell (tenor sax), Leon Cohen (alto sax),
Howard Biggs, Hank Jones (piano), Bob Mosley (organ),
AlCaiola, Mickey Baker, Bucky Pizzarelli (guitar), Art Davis (bass),
Gary Chester (drums), The Ray Charles Singers (backing vocals), among others.

Recorded in New York City, between 1955 and 1962.


01 No Man Walks Alone
02 Why Do Me That Way
03 You Are My One Love
04 Don’t Cry
05 I’m All Alone
06 A Picture of You
07 Walking in a Dream
08 For You and You Alone
09 I’m in Love
10 To Thee
11 I Need You Tonight
13 If You Need Me
14 Words
15 Stupidity
16 Go on Back to Him
17 I Said I Was Sorry
18 It’s All Right
19 Home in Your Heart
20 I Really Don’t Want to Know
21 You Can Make It If You Try
22 Send Me Some Loving
23 This Little Ring
24 Tonight My Heart She Is Crying
25 Down in the Valley
26 Gotta Travel On
27 I’m Hanging Up My Heart For You
28 A Tear Fell
29 Cry to Me
30 Looking for My Baby