Herbie Hancock

Dedication (RSD 2019 Edition) (JAZZ)

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Dedication (RSD 2019 Edition)

Herbie Hancock



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This is a unique experiment in the Hancock discography, recorded in Tokyo in just one day during a tour of Japan. The first side contains two introspective, complex solo acoustic piano tracks, "Maiden Voyage" and "Dolphin Dance," which are notable since they date from a period when Hancock was supposedly totally immersed in electronics. Side two has two even more unusual pieces -- "Nobu," a one-man show recorded in real time with the sample-and-hold feature of an ARP 2600 synthesizer providing a rhythm section for Hancock's electric keyboards, followed by "Cantaloupe Island" with a pre-recorded synth bassline. Side two is a fascinating look back at the charms and stringent limitations of mid-'70s analog keyboards, as well as a challenge to Hancock's on-the-wing inventiveness -- and despite some inevitable stiffness in the rhythm, he comes through with some colorful work. This would be the first of several Japan-only Hancock albums from the '70s, an indication that Japanese jazz fans were (and perhaps still are) far more open-minded and free-spending than their American counterparts


  • HERBIE HANCOCK, solo piano

Recorded live July 29, 1974 at Koseinenkin Hall, Tokyo, Japan.



  • A1. Maiden Voyage
  • A2. Dolphin Dance


  • B1. Nobu
  • B2. Cantaloupe Island