Benoit Delbecq

Weight of Lighy (PR13)

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Weight of Lighy

Benoit Delbecq



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When John Cage invented the prepared piano to accompany a dance performance, the idea was to mimic the sound of a percussion ensemble in a space too small to accommodate one. With his own work, French pianist Benoit Delbecq has taken the idea of the prepared piano further. For Delbecq, using a highly selective and idiosyncratic system of preparations along with an open form of composition, the prepared piano is seemingly transformed into an ensemble—an unaltered piano accompanied by one or more percussion instruments.

Delbecq’s musical vision is on full display in The Weight of Light, a fascinating solo album recorded in the otherwise inauspicious month of March, 2020. Delbecq’s sound on the recording is grounded in a pulse-based, elastic sense of time that he constructs out of repeated patterns of independent and layered rhythmic motifs. He’s developed his own form of graphic notation employing circles and calligrams—words arranged to form shapes or images—to denote these musical structures, which he conceives of in terms of proportions or other relationships between numerical objects.


  • Benoît Delbecq - piano, prepared piano


  • 01. The Loop of Chicago
  • 02. Dripping Stones
  • 03. Family Trees
  • 04. Chemin sur le Crest
  • 05. Au Fil de la Parole
  • 06. Anamorphoses
  • 07. Havn en Havre
  • 08. Pair et Impair
  • 09. Broken World