Nels Cline

The Veil (CG 144)

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The Veil

Nels Cline



MAC 125506

CG 144



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The Veil, upon closer examination, has a certain method to it that's the product of three impressive careers in the difficult field of improvised music, instead of premeditation. In that way, this is the jazz of Armstrong, Parker and Davis. But one that's informed with the harshness and directness of metal, grunge and ambient. Many others have used this formula, but for Berne, Black and Cline, it's no experiment; it's part of their core being. That's about the only way to explain how this can be pulled off so well in a live setting where likely very little was planned beyond the next note


TIM BERNE, alto sax
NELS CLINE, guitar
JIM BLACK, drums

Recorded live at The Stone, July 30, 2009.


01 Railroaded
02. Impairment Posse
03. Momento
04. The Barbarella Syndrome
05. The Dawn of the Lawn
06. Rescue Her
07. The Veil
08. Tiny Moment (Part I)
09. Tiny Moment (Part II)