Kashmere Stage Band, The

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Plays Originals

Kashmere Stage Band, The

Cool Cult


LPS 166198




LP 18,99 €

An all-original set from the Kashmere Stage Band – one of the funkiest combos going in early 70s Texas! The album features a range of tunes written by bandleader Conrad Johnson – all hard-hitting numbers that take off from the group's roots as a funkier high school band, and which show their evolution into an even more jazz-inflected outfit!

The sound here is very much in the mode of blacksploitation soundtrack work – as the compositions are filled with light and color, and have a richness that goes far beyond funky 45 work – but a groove that's stone cold all the way through.


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Do You Dig It Man?
  • A2. Thunder Soul
  • A3. Kashmere
  • A4. Lost Love
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Don't Mean A Thing
  • B2. Head Wiggle
  • B3. All Praises