Jonathan Finlayson

Moment and the Message (PI 48)

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Moment and the Message

Jonathan Finlayson

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PIR 138158

PI 48



Moment and the Message

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Moment and the Message is the long-awaited debut from Jonathan Finlayson, one of the most sought after young trumpeters in jazz. A member of alto saxophonist Steve Coleman’s band Five Elements, Finlayson is widely admired for his ability to tackle cutting-edge musical concepts with aplomb. In just the last four years, his playing has been featured on an astonishing three albums that were named #1 album of the year by The New York Times: alto saxophonist Steve Lehman’s Travail, Transformation and Flow (Pi 2009), Steve Coleman and Five Elements’ Harvesting Semblances and Affinities (Pi 2010) and David Virelles’s Continuum (Pi 2012).

Jonathan Finlayson - trumpet
Miles Okazaki - guitar
Damion Reid - drums
David Virelles - piano
Keith Witty - bass

1. Circus
2. Lo Haze
3. Ruy Lopez play
4. Carthage
5. Tensegrity
6. Le Bas-Fond
7. Tyre
8. Fives and Pennies
9. Scaean Gates