Wynton Kelly

Complete Vee Jay Studio Recordings (LHJ 10296)

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Complete Vee Jay Studio Recordings

Wynton Kelly

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LHJ 10296



Complete Vee Jay Studio Recordings

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The integral Vee Jay studio works of one of the most outstanding piano trios. Featuring Paul Chambers, Sam Jones, Jimmy Cobb and Philly Joe Jones. Includes all the master & alternate takes. This release contains the complete Vee Jay studio recordings by the Wynton Kelly Trio for the first time ever on one edition. The Wynton Kelly heard here (from the period 1959-1961), was at the peak of his fruitful collaboration with Miles Davis, Paul Chambers, Jimmy Cobb and the inimitable John Coltrane filling out the celebrated quintet. It is interesting to hear Kelly as the main performer, displaying his own personality and even playing some of his own compositions. Includes 12-page comprehensive booklet!

CD 1: The Master Takes 1. Dear Ann, 2. Temperance, 3. Weird Lullaby, 4. On Stage, 5. Skatin', 6. Pot Luck, 7. Come Rain Or Come Shine, 8. Make The Man Love Me, 9. Autumn Leaves, 10. Surrey With The Fringe On Top, 11. Joe's Avenue, 12. Sassy, 13. Love, I've Found You, 14. Gone With The Wind. Total time: 71:13 mins.

CD 2: The Master Takes (cont.) 1. Someday My Prince Will Come, 2. Char's Blues. The Alternate Takes 3. Dear Ann (Alt 1), 4. Dear Ann (Alt 2), 5. Autumn Leaves (Alt 1), 6. Autumn Leaves (Alt 2), 7. Autumn Leaves (Alt 3), 8. Char's Blues (Alt 1), 9. Char's Blues (Alt 2), 10. Joe's Avenue (Alt 1), 11. Joe's Avenue (Alt 2), 12. Joe's Avenue (Alt 3), 13. Joe's Avenue (Alt 4), 14. Someday My Prince Will Come (Alt 6), 15. Surrey With The Fringe On Top (Alt 3) Total time: 74:00 mins.

CD 1, Track #1 & CD 2, Tracks #3-4: From the Paul Chambers album "GO"
With Paul Chambers (b) & Jimmy Cobb (d).
Recorded in Chicago, February 2, 1959.

CD 1, Tracks #2-6: From the album "KELLY AT MIDNITE"
With Paul Chambers (b) & Philly Joe Jones (d).
Recorded in New York, April 27, 1960.

CD 1, Track #7-14 & CD 2, Tracks #1-2 & 5-15:
From the album "WYNTON KELLY!"
With Paul Chambers or Sam Jones (b) & Jimmy Cobb (d). Recorded in New York, July 20 & 21, 1961.