Shelly Berg

The Nearness of You (ARCD 19378)

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The Nearness of You

Shelly Berg



ARB 121528

ARCD 19378



The Nearness of You

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“Shelly Berg's splendid music reminds us that, whatever else is happening, there will always be great love and beauty in the world” - Judith Schlesinger, About Jazz

SHELLY BERG, solo piano

Florida, May 28 & June 29, 2008.


01. My Fair Lady Medley: Show Me/'ve Grown Acccustomed to Her Face/On the Where Live, 02. Like a Lover
03. The Touch of Your Lips
04. The of You
05. Medley: Guys and Dolls/'ve Never Been In Love Before/If Were Bell
06. My One and Only Love
07. Con Alma
08. Dreamsville
09. Where or When