Django Bates

Tenacity (LM009)

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Django Bates

Lost Marble


DRJ 161026




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2020 brings revered British composer, pianist and educator Django Bates' 60th birthday and his 40th year as a performing musician, and it also marks the 100th anniversary of jazz saxophonist Charlie Parker's birth. So what better way to celebrate than with the release of studio album Tenacity, fresh from the Arctic Circle, featuring The Norrbotten big band and Django's piano trio, Belovèd. This 53 minute ten-track album features four new Parker orchestrations, plus Laura, a film noir favourite of Parker's, and an expressionistic reworking of Star Eyes. Alongside these are four Bates' originals which push the possibilities of the big band to new levels of virtuosity. In the spirit of George Martin, a full range of studio techniques were employed to create a progressive new big band sound.


  • Django Bates - vocals
  • Petter Eldh - vocals (2)
  • Peter Bruun - vocals (2)
  • Jan Thelin - clarinets
  • Mats Garberg - flutes
  • Per Moberg - baritone saxophone
  • Bo Strandberg - trumpet 1
  • Magnus Ekholm - trumpet
  • Dan Johansson - trumpet
  • Jacek Onuszkiewich - trumpet
  • Björn Hängsel - bass trombone


  • 01. Cordial
  • 02. Ah Leu Cha
  • 03. Donna Lee
  • 04. Laura
  • 05. Confirmation
  • 06. We Are Not Lost, We Are Simply Finding Our Way
  • 07. The Study Of Touch
  • 08. My Little Suede Shoes
  • 09. Star Eyes
  • 10. Tenacity