Albert Ayler

Music is The Healing Force of The Universe (UCCI 9363)

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Music is The Healing Force of The Universe

Albert Ayler



GEN 164885

UCCI 9363



CD 20,64 €




LIMITED EDITION SHM-CD (Super High Material CD)!

One of the last records made by avant sax legend Albert Ayler – a really mind-expanding album that's unlike anything else he ever did!

By the time of the record, Ayler had made a full round trip between the New York and European jazz scenes – leaving important influences wherever he went, and trying desperately to pick up new ones the further he moved on. Here, he's working in a style that's a bit like that of Archie Shepp at the time – still steeped in free jazz and new thing ideals, but infused with a free-thinking approach to the music that allows for bold new styles and sounds.

In addition to his own stunning work on tenor, Ayler's also blowing bagpipes and vocalizing a bit next to singer Mary Maria, who does a great recitation on one track of the record. Rhythm is by the two-bass team of Stafford James and Bill Folwell, next to drums by Muhammad Ali – and the whole thing's capped off by guitarist Henry Vestine, who plays in modes that range from bluesy to free.

At the time, this one was kind of dismissed as a messed-up mistake that occurred at the end of Ayler's too-short life – but honestly, over the years, this record really really opens itself to us more and more, and we have to say that we think it's one of his most groundbreaking albums!


  • Albert Ayler - tenor sax
  • Mary Maria - vocals
  • Henry Vestine - guitar
  • Bobby Few - piano
  • Bill Folwell, Stafford James - bass
  • Muhammad Ali - drums

New York City, August 26, 27, 28 and 29, 1969


  • 01. Music Is The Healing Force Of The Universe
  • 02. Masonic Inborn (Part 1)
  • 03. A Man Is Like A Tree
  • 04. Oh! Love Of Life
  • 05. Island Harvest
  • 06. Drugery