Doug Carn

Adams Apple (Real Gone Reissue) (RGM-1299)

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Adams Apple (Real Gone Reissue)

Doug Carn

Black Jazz


GEN 167313




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Revered jazz man Doug Carn has been back in the spotlight recently as a result of the Black Jazz label reissuing some of his most legendary work. His four albums for that cult label culminated with 1974's Adam's Apple, which is quite possibly the best of the lot.

It was the first one without his wife Jean, instead, vocals are provided by Carny himself with able assistance from John Conner and Joyce Greene. The album has a more electric sound than previous records thanks to Carn's mad key work, and in places Herbie Hancock sounds like a real influence. There is an uplifting, spiritual, gospel undertone to most of the tracks which soar to the skies on mad synth solos with tight jazz drums. Superb stuff.


  • Doug Carn (keyboards, vocals)
  • Ronnie Laws (soprano & tenor sax)
  • Thurman Green (trombone)
  • Gerald Brown (acoustic bass)
  • Darrel Clayborn (electric bass)
  • Big Black (coongas, percussion)
  • Harold Mason (drums)
  • Calvin Keys, Nathan Page (guitar)
  • Thurman Green (trombone)John Conner, Joyce Greene (vocals)


  • 01. Chant
  • 02. Higher Ground
  • 03. Sweet Season
  • 04. Sanctuary
  • 05. Mighty Mighty
  • 06. The Messenger
  • 07. Adam’s Apple
  • 08. To A Wild Rose
  • 09. Western Sunrise