Jack Teagarden

Mis'ry and The Blues + Think Well of Me (EJC 11439)

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Mis'ry and The Blues + Think Well of Me

Jack Teagarden

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EJC 160480

EJC 11439



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In the years between leaving Louis Armstrong’s All-Stars and his death (1952-1964), the great trombonist and singer Jack Teagarden led a Dixieland-oriented sextet. Presented here in their entireties are two of his last albums, Mis’ry and the Blues (Verve V6-8416) and Think Well of Me (Verve V6-8465). While the former LP features his regular group in a selection of standards, the latter (on which a string section is added) concentrates on compositions by Willard Robison. Although Teagarden went through a rough time in the early 1960s that would lead to his premature death in 1964 (at the age of 58), these recordings give ample proof that he was a true master until the end, both as a trombonist and as a singer.


  • JACK TEAGARDEN, trombone & vocals On all tracks, plus:
  • 1-10: Mis’ry and the Blues
  • Don Goldie (tp), Henry Cuesta (cl), Don Ewell (p), Stan Puls (b), Barrett Deems (d).
  • 11-21: Think Well of Me
  • The Russ Case/Bob Brookmeyer Orchestra, featuring Don Goldie (tp). Arrangements by Claus Ogerman, Russ Case & Bob Brookmeyer.

1-10: Chicago, June 18-22, 1961.

11-21: New Jersey, January 17-19, 1962.


  • 1. Don’t Tell a Man About His Woman
  • 2. Basin Street Blues
  • 3. Froggie Moore Blues
  • 4. I Don’t Want to Miss Mississippi
  • 5. It’s All in Your Mind
  • 6. Mis’ry and the Blues
  • 7. Dixieland One-Step
  • 8. Love Lies
  • 9. Afternoon in August
  • 10. Peaceful Valley
  • 11. Where Are You?
  • 12. Cottage for Sale
  • 13. Guess I’ll Go Back Home This Summer
  • 14. I’m a Fool About My Mama
  • 15. Don’t Smoke in Bed
  • 16. In a Little Waterfront Café
  • 17. Think Well of Me
  • 18. Old Folks
  • 19. Country Boy Blues
  • 20. Tain’t So Honey,Tain’t So
  • 21. ‘Round My Old Deserted Farm