Alice Coltrane

Huntington Ashram Monastery (Gatefold) (ACL0064)

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Huntington Ashram Monastery (Gatefold)

Alice Coltrane

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Recorded in 1969 right after her great debut, A Monastic Trio, Huntington Ashram Monastery is an album that ranks right near the top of the amazing legacy of music that Alice Coltrane left us.

Playing piano and wielding her majestical harp in a magnificent trio that featured Ron Carter on Bass and the wonderful and sadly recently passed away Rashied Ali on drums and percussion. So much thought, love and devotion was put into every single note that Alice Coltrane recorded, and Huntington Ashram Monastery is such utter proof of that. No wasted notes, or throwaway moments. You can't lay the needle down on these grooves and not be moved and transported to another plane of consciousness. This is truly sacred, essential and transcendent music.


  • Alice Coltrane - piano, harp
  • Ron Carter - bass
  • Rashied Ali - drums, percussion

Recorded in New York, May 14th, 1969


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Huntington Ashram Monastery
  • A2. Turiya
  • A3. Paramahansa Lake
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Via Sivanandagar
  • B2. IHS
  • B3. Jaya Jaya Rama